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Damn it COVID, I can’t remember what the outside looks like! COVID blues are a real thing but do not despair as we’re here to reignite your amazement of the world for both luxury leisure traveler and corporate event planner, in particular featuring ATLAS EXPRESS DMC SLOVENIA our Slovenia destination management company and how this country’s stunning natural beauty is an idyllic destination for when face to face returns safely.

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The Day The Earth Stood Still and Reflected

They, I’m not quite sure who exactly, say that travel broadens the mind. And when I  contemplate all my joyful childhood holidays to sunny south of France on a caravan holiday, observing Beatrice and Phil metamorphosize from porcelain pale to sun kissed caramel, John and Claire celebrating their honeymoon because Tuscany was out of their price range, and armies of children merrily tormenting the sparse and elegant aquatic life on the Mediterranean, I can safely affirm I am in agreeance. Even in these turbulent times with Brexit, and of course the covid chaos, the travel bug is still something we can’t get enough of. Why would you? This third rock from the sun, if of course anyone believes in heliocentrism, that David Attenborough and the BBC forever churn out documentaries about, boasts some truly remarkable landscapes. We have become so immersed in lockdown staring at the same four walls and talking to the same spider skins about our problems, with eight legs you can be sure they’ll be taking enough notes, that we have forgotten there is so much wonder to be remembered and explored.

tuscany dmc

Tuscany landscape

How’s about the rare and radiant tropics of the West Indies where you can sail from Sidney Poitier’s birthplace of the Bahamas down to St Vincent, gazing in awe at the fathomless grace of the Grenadines, ending your campaign in Trinidad, the birthplace of calypso? I guess it boils down to a choice between swimming with turtles in the vast and picturesque Caribbean sea or throwing the rubber duck out with the bath water? Guyana, even though technically a country in Latin America, or Gorton?  I know where I’d rather be.

Travel . . . The Best Way To Be Lost And Found At The Same Time.

 Jamie Lyn Beatty.


If you’re an extrovert in desperate need of human company, and the latter nanoscopic islands aren’t big enough for you, regard the continent of Asia. And perhaps more crucially the subcontinent of India, standing supreme with its melting pot of differing cultures, most notably the origin of two major world religions, Hinduism and Sikhism. From politicians such as Dinesh D’Souza to actors such as Aishwarya Rai, many people across the world can proudly trace their lineage back here. One index of fascination we have is the remarkable display of jewelry this neck of the woods is renowned for. The most notable of which would arguably be the legendary Koh-i-Noor diamond that Queen Victoria herself kept on her person. Far and wide, from the northernmost point of the Norwegian Sea leading into the Artic Ocean the upcoming incentive destination of Svalbard to the remote bucket list island of Bora Bora, India’s mouth watering and tongue tickling spices have made their presence felt. However, there remains impressive architecture, undoubtedly the Taj Mahal but other more obscure temples such as The Golden Temple located in the Punjab province.

Incentive Travel Destinations A Little Closer To Home?

Those who dwell in the land of the free and home of the brave really do amaze me. In a cornucopia of TV shows and films, our American brethren refer to Europe as one singular strip of territory rather than a smorgasbord of countries. But that’s neither here nor there. That reminds me Sweden looks good; but then again Midsommar (insert yikes emoji). Ireland has a lot going for it aside from the Dullahan inspiring a 90s Tim Burton film, and that one place Clinton once visited way back when. The Cliffs of Moher unequivocally embody the luscious landscapes ye olde emerald isle is renowned for. Norway destination management experiences, too, remains an impressive gem in the European crown with the scientific enigma of the aurora borealis quite literally put it on the map, attracting a polygon of people from all walks of life. Meteorologists and average Joes alike marvel at this scientific phenomenon rendering all who gaze upon it mute from fascination alone. There are still many incentive travel planners yet to discover the breathtaking fjords of Norway – we intend to change this.

But now we arrive at the central focus of this article. Slovenia. I know, I know. You were expecting to learn more about our Italian DMC’s Amalfi Coast, Monaco, French Riviera and St. Tropez, France DMC or meeting and incentive travel to Ibiza Spain, maybe? But our dear friend Slovenia gets left on the bleachers and there is precious little in the way of a justification for that. Serving as connective tissue between the romance and Balkan territories of Europe, a variety of peoples share this land with the native on a crossroad between three major language groups as roman, germanic and slavic.. Those with a love of language will delight as Slovene, Italian and Hungarian are all held in retention by this former member of Yugoslavia.

best slovenia dmc

Slovenia Who? Searching for a wow destination? You’ve found the best DMC!

Slovenia was voted one of the Forbes top European destinations as of this year.

This nation exists as a hybrid of all the contrasting segments of Europe meeting together as one principal territory. This is because the geographical occupation is favourable with the clusters of heat from Northern Africa cradling mile after mile of vineyard, rivalling it’s Mediterranean counterpart as the wine capital of the world. The towns and villages mirroring the aesthetic of its Austrian brethren to the north. Slovenia is a prominent area in Greek Mythology with Jason and his argonauts crossing it whilst they made their journey to collect the golden fleece.

Why Do Corporate Event Planning Companies Give A Monkey’s?

I shall now do as Dan Torrance did in the Shining and predict what you are going to say. What is even the point of this article when the world has quite literally been plunged into a pandemic that has wreaked havoc on a global scale? Of course the dreaded coronavirus has indeed left a footprint in the history books with it’s earth shattering presence quite literally rewriting the ways in which people socialise, cohabitate and work. However, with record numbers of people receiving the vaccine, as well as a profuse effort to combat the virus through preventative measures, including covid passports, travel doesn’t seem to be totally beyond the realm of possibility. It won’t happen for the foreseeable months for international events, that’s essentially a given at this point, yet it remains plausible that for 2022 corporate event planning companies are still postponing their business with us and there could be a noticeable improvement in terms of alleviating the threat of infection.

Furthemore, a principal chink in the chain of that train of thought is the following. I recently watched a Channel 4 UK programme narrated by David Harewood entitled Escape To Barbados. The premise saw groups of people, including a family of four, a retired couple and a bachelor, escape the talons of the foreboding atmosphere of the UK in favour of the sun scorched sand, crystal clear water and blue skies of Bridgetown. It was an ingenious move that ensures covid restrictions are still implemented but enables those individuals to self isolate in both style and paradise. Afterall, why be stuck in the cursed bastille of the bedroom when you can sit out on the veranda or by the poolside increasing the production of melanin in your skin whilst also replying to those dreaded emails? I’m also aware those coming back from South Africa to Europe can isolate for 10/11 days in the Maldives – wow, that’s how to do it hey.

best slovenia destination management company

It doesn’t just have to be a dream you can wake up and walk around here.

It becomes apparent then that there is a certain stark appeal to travelling abroad to isolate. Even though the ravenous clutches of Covid have laid claim to our beloved events industry, there are still islands of green that can be observed in this otherwise monotonous landscape.

Uniqueworld is proud to announce its undying fidelity with regards to all matters regarding travel. We make a concerted effort to offer the safest and latest travel destinations that can ensure a break from those dreaded Zoom calls and sometimes pointless webinars. Consider it. Why go for the same walk to the shop, buy a cornetto and return to your laptop (I’m aware that’s a scene from Shaun of the Dead but alas) when you can awake to the sound of waves crashing against the shore, hike across the vast plains of Logar Valley? Swimming in your bath because the pools aren’t open and the gorgeous lifeguard isn’t there for you to ogle at? We’ve got you covered as you can search for Mermaids in the deep abyss of the Green Karst lakes.

What Our Slovenia DMC Can Offer You?

What we propose is to travel to Ljubljana and spend a few hours there so that you can absorb some of the culture. After a direct two hours flight (CET), we recommend stretching your legs around the city discovering all the core fundamentals that make this city what it is. These include Preseren Square, named after Sonetni Venec poet France Preseren, where there are coffee shops, bars and restaurants jam packed with all you can eat. Eager site seers rejoice as the square is located a stone throw’s away from Ljubljana Cathedral and even the university!  If one castle isn’t enough then how about two? To the east of the city lies Ljubljana Castle and to the west lies Tivoli Castle (even Thanos would be impressed by that perfect balance).

Day 1: Heaven Thy Name Is Lake Bled

After collecting spoils to undoubtedly add to your Facebook profile, the remainder of the day would see us travel to Lake Bled, a popular choice with many event planning companies. In the centre of the lake lies an island with just shy of one hundred steps leading to the church. There is an old fairytale that this lake and it’s associated island were created by the fairies. It was said in retaliation for the shepherds not stopping their sheep eating the grass, the fairies transformed the landscape from a massive field to Lake Bled as it exists today. As lovers of dance, and as an inadvertent act of defiance, the fairies included its accompanying island where they were free to dance long into the night.

lake bled dmc

Lake Bled a must-do visit in your lifetime.

Boring history lesson aside, the situation regarding accommodation would be to stay overnight at Vila Bled, a pristine and enchanting hotel within walking distance from the Lake. If the Overlook hotel from The Shining (god I love Stephen King references) hosted the residence of American presidents then Vila Bled can oneup that score with many a famous figure enjoying a night’s stay including Nikita Khrushchev, Indira Gandhi, daughter of Indian humanitarian Mohandas, “Mahatma” K. Gandhi, as well as former leader of North Korea, and grandfather of Kim Jung Un, Kim Il Sung. So, a stay at Vila Bled will ensure you’re among the greats this blue planet has to offer.

Day 2: A Chump At Portoroz

As the sun rises and a new day dawns, why not experience the breathtaking sun rise from the height of a hot air balloon gliding over the Julian Alps? Feel the winds of the morning blow through your face as all that is visible is the ghostly silence of Slovenia’s tallest mountain ranges formed thousands of years ago by colliding continents. The lakes are the result of centuries of rainfall meandering a large basin for the water to be deposited with the acres of lush forest sprouting all around, a byproduct of the fertile land.

Imagining nearly falling to your death is enough to work up an appetite and thus we invite you to try the very best that Slovene cuisine has to offer. The typical breakfast consists of freshly baked bread, eggs, mountain cheese, meat including Kransky sausage or bacon, and honey and apple. These are often accompanied by onions, olives and walnuts and pumpkin seeds.

slovenia incentive dmc

It Is In The Bleak December And Distinctly I Remember! Why not spend your winters here rather than the desolate cold of where you are?

The day can really start by travelling from the present location of Lake Bled to Portoroz via helicopter. The name is derived from Italian and translates into “Port of the Roses.” This area is renowned for its Vineyards which Martha’s look tedious by comparison. After arriving, we travel to one of the winery’s where you can sip your body weight in Bordeaux. To further explore the cuisine, we have on display a first class chief displaying a combination of signature Slovenian dishes including marinated sardines and prosciutto toc with polenta as examples.

If you find that the latter has left you craving more then you will quite literally find yourself stuffed to the gills when we take you to deluxe hotel Kempinski Palace. Then it’s back to the hotel for the final stay.

Day 3: Water Dwellers with our Slovenia DMC

slovenia dmc for sailing

Team sailing regatta in Slovenia anyone? Wow!

The water’s fine so who fancies a swim? Mind you that does sound like an advert for a Friday the 13th film. The Adriatic is among one of the world’s most awe inspiring seas and thus we invite you to partake in some sea based activities. In the heat of the dry season, why not cool down with a relaxing swim burning off all the wine you know you scoffed. If you would like to flex your financial muscles and have money to burn then why not rent a yacht and sail in and around the Nort Adriatic Bay?

Lunch awaits you after a long incentive travel day of watching the crystal clear water. While you sample more Slovenian cuisine you will be treated to a horse riding performance and then to close off the day a stunning relaxation period at the private Lepa Vida salt spa. The spar prides itself on practising thalassotherapy of the first magnitude. This process involves utilising raw material from the sea, such as seaweed and sand, as products to aid in the enhancement of our clientele’s skin treatment. The evening will conclude with dinner at the bishop’s secret garden in Piran where a sumptuous banquet has been prepared.

slovenia dmc event planner

Need lunch prepared? Our Slovenia DMC will create an event with a twist!

Day 4: Fin Del Camino

Even though your Slovenian incentive travel journey has concluded, you can still bow out in glory as we offer several different packages. Firstly you can travel back to Portoroz and catch a flight over to Italy to see the Lido Di Venezia.  The second option is to fly over to neighbouring Croatia landing in either Dubrovnik, Split or Istra. Alternatively you can also take a cruise.

Top Tips for Planning a Luxury Incentive Trip in Slovenia – Go Combo

Now for what you’ve been waiting for…  we remind you for what a DMC is needed for. Yes there is reliability of being there locally, but most importantly it’s for the CREATIVITY and EXPERTISE, and I spell that out in capitals for some. We now reminisce to our a previous success story to include a destination incentive combination with Venice, the group was close to 150 people, using a luxurious boat to sail between the cities. It is worth knowing Portoroz holds and internationl airport POW, which could be used to make the flight from Portoroz to Venice Lido with a private jet or helicopters.

We do the introduction to Ljubljana and transfer to Lake Bled for overnight, with the sail to the island and dinner ta the Castle or Vila Bled. Our top tip is an over night at GH Toplice Bled. Next day, morning ballooning trip over the Alps with a Slovenian breakfast upon returning from the flight. Helicopter flight from Bled to Portoroz and pick up in the Vintage Olive oil vans and transfer to the organic family owned winery (this one is pristine, but we can find also very modern) for a truffles and wine programme. Luncheon and truffle hunt demonstration in the woods, next to the winery. At the winery we can bring a host chef for a foodie experience. Return to the Hotel, free time and overnight followed by dinner in a Palace. Amazing hey, and this is just a taste of what you can do.

grand hotel toplice

Bled’s most elegant and only five-star hotel.

Final Day – Check out these Top Tips!

It doesn’t have to be dull… we can jazz it up.

Option 1 – Transfer to the POW airport and flight to Lido in Venice, continuation of the programme in Venice.

Option 2 – Flight to Dubrovnik or Split (we find the suitable planes for you).

Option 3 – embarkation and cruise towards Croatia (here some costs for the port agent apply and our Slovenia DMC can charter the yacht for a period of 7 days especially during the summer months).

Whatever you decide upon feel free to utilise Uniqueworld’s global destination management services to search and contact directly to any of our dmcs.

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