How Destination Management Companies (DMCs) Help Event Planners With Safe Social Distancing Travel

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Thanks to COVID-19, planning events out of the country has turned into a logistical nightmare. Whether it’s the litany of countries who have closed their borders entirely to the immense restrictions placed on outsiders who do enter, heading outside your country is no easy feat.


Christian Hobbs | Uniqueworld Global DMC Supplier Network Founder – Chief Experience Officer (CEO)

Health and safety a priority, but you need to host an event or replan an event, perhaps an exclusive retreat or small meetings outside your home country for your business or looking to plan your client’s high-end luxury stay for individual travel (FIT).

So what options do you have left?

Well, you’re in luck. We’re a Global Network of Destination Management Companies who help event planners and luxury travel planners create safe and top-tier events and we’re surviving strong!

Many of our DMC partner offices have embraced the new digital era with multiple product offerings, some inclusive with having their own hybrid studios and also supporting event companies with fully virtual events.

So without further ado, let’s jump right in!


What Is a Destination Management Company?

A destination management company (or DMC) is an organisation that offers specific knowledge and services catered to a single region. These services can range anywhere from keeping you informed about the local laws of the area to using their local contacts to assemble transportation or extra staff to assist you with your events.

DMC’s vs. COVID-19

One of the main ways DMC’s will help with avoiding COVID-19 is in their consideration towards compliance with social distancing guidelines. For example, they can help you find open locations like beaches for your events where everyone isn’t compressed into close quarters.

DMC’s will also work to find engaging events that don’t diminish in the fun when social distancing gets applied. Staying at a remote safari lodge somewhere in Africa lends itself well to this kind of situation, similar to a private riad in Morocco, a luxury Italian villa in Tuscany and so on. Activities can even go the optional route if you feel they’d pose too much of a risk.

Menara Tours, our Morocco DMC services include ‘private’ or ‘group excursions’ for high-end luxury stays. Pioneers of new experiences and location are exampled by having a Marrakech Aiport Fast Track for where we can speed up the airport formalities. Offer exclusive accommodation in the city, a couple of days later helicopter from Marrakech, where you will fly over the rugged valleys surrounded by highest peaks of the Atlas mountains, over the rocky plateau to sweeping dunes of the Sahara desert – to have a fine dining lunch for we we build a camp exclusive to you! The adventure continues in a 4×4 luxurious land cruiser to a luxurious Kasbah, such as Kasbah Tamadot situated in the magnificent Atlas Mountains to dine under stars, we’re excited to say is re-opening on the 15th October 2020. Extend the 5-star journey to the unknown and new upcoming destinations in Morocco.

DMC’s also take a lot of precautions to make sure everything they do stands up to health regulations. They sanitise their equipment and will help keep your event in line with any special health regulations the country you are in has.

DMC’s will even vet any vendors who you want to use before they deliver the food, gifts, etc. to make sure they are meeting safety standards as well. For example, if the catering company hasn’t enforced the use of face masks with their employees, your DMC will find out and cut ties with them to find you another caterer.

Finally, the best destination management companies know to look at the rules of the country you’re coming from and compare them with the country you’re coming to so that no rules get violated.

The Best in Backup Plans

Another big perk of hiring a DMC is that they are very accommodating if plans end up going awry. Any experienced DMC knows to make a backup plan in case the weather or other conditions ruins the first plan. You can cancel any reservations you made through the company with ease too.

This is because DMC’s have built up reputations with many of the hotels/restaurants/etc. in the area and can cancel peacefully without much fuss.

So Let’s Get Exploring

And there you have it! Now that you know all about destination management companies and why they are essential to planning your disease-free trip, you’re ready to get out there and plan your trip today! And if you’re looking for a top-notch DMC to help you today, give us a call and let us get you to your dream trip!

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