Why Choose a DMC as Your Business Partner

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If you are looking to plan a successful trip a great DMC can make the difference. A DMC provides invaluable local and specialist knowledge. They will also simplify the process with their connections and superior buying power.

Event planners are often pulled in many different directions and it is easy for a business trip to become a logistical nightmare. It is important to find a DMC that represents your needs and trusts your vision. As a business partner a DMC will have your best interests in mind and help you to achieve your objectives.

Local Knowledge

The value of local knowledge and connections is irreplaceable. Plenty of preparation can be accomplished online but local know-how can take you to the next level. A DMC can connect you with the right people for your event or excursion.

Our DMC’s are always focused on discovering exciting venues and activities in places. Such as Havana and Cancun. Every year there are more opportunities to explore in cities around the world. Everywhere we are based the DMC acts as a local guide.

It is a boutique service that is built on trust and experience. Each DMC is full of individuals with specialist knowledge so that planners have reliable information to help them make decisions.

destination mexico

Different views of Cancun, Mexico

Superior Buying Power

DMC’s interact with local businesses on a regular basis. The volume of business we do with local vendors ensures that it is cheaper in the long run. A DMC can negotiate on your behalf and help you get the best deals possible.

We aim to remain flexible to reflect the event planner’s business model. We do so by enabling clients to communicate directly with a destinations DMC office and help them design a suitable plan. The superior buying power that comes with a DMC can help lock-in an itinerary without hassle.


Ultimately, we have the technology to simplify research and connect to real people online. We take pride in streamlining the process for businesses looking for fun or relaxing activities. Clients have full control in selecting an event itinerary so that you can design a suitable trip.

Without a DMC the process of booking and reserving accommodation and events can be complex. We have spent years operating a Global DMC Supplier Network solution and have made valuable connections in many countries that will make your journey simple.

“With a DMC you have one point of contact, one contract and you’re paying one bill” – Marty MacKay

Finding the Right DMC

Clients will be able to get the best out of a location if they use an experienced DMC. It is easy to underestimate the importance of local knowledge and connections. If you want a smooth and simple experience you should consider hiring IVI Mexico DMC for incentive or corporate travel.

With an experienced DMC like IVI as your business partner you will be able to relax and enjoy the experience. IVI deal with specialized travel on a regular basis and know how to overcome difficult hurdles and secure the best options for you!

To get in contact with a local DMC office, register online, search your destination, star and select multiple destinations and then view your shortlist. Click ‘Request for a Proposal’. Then complete the RFP and press submit. You will now have your account set-up to be able to send your event proposal directly to DMC offices and receive proposals faster than ever!





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