Sweden DMC Proud Of Country Respect Of State Rules During Covid-19

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SNE operates offices, both in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. How is SNE surviving during such a tough time? Dag Kastensson, Managing Director of SNE Northern Europe, Uniqueworld’s Global DMC Network says “Our survival during a pandemic is amongst all our traditional suppliers. Also some pharmaceutical houses, and they are keeping us quite busy. So we still have maintained our offices and we’re working harder than ever, albeit on a reduced staff capacity but with some new faces joining also.”

It is apparent the current COVID approach in Sweden is more successful than other European nations. The Swedish have full democracy, they vote in the politicians, and they constitute the law. But once the laws are constituted, they go to the administration, which the Swedish call the state which is greatly respected since the times of the Swedish Empire, as far back as the 17th century. This means no politician can overrule the state, with citizens merely choosing politicians to represent them, the King being head of state but with little power. Similar to the UK, but arguably nowadays the UK has less respect towards the monarchy.

Upon the outbreak of the pandemic, our Sweden DMC and the Swedish population immediately listened to the state, performing social distancing and disinfection, and this has worked incredibly well. More than eight in ten Swedes during the summer kept a greater distance from others than they normally would – unlike some of the scenes we’ve since in European Capitals. In Norway and Denmark it is slightly different, and more similar to areas of Europe with having lockdowns and rules, with the need to wear masks. They do not have any resolutions, or do anything which is not recommended, and keep their distances when abroad. However, now into November, there are slight signs of a second wave, albeit very small.

It’s clear and obvious, other Nations should take a good look at their internal squabbling and unite together sooner in times of need and then perhaps the people will then have greater respect and listen in how to overcome challenges faced.

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