Why Event Planners Select Our Destination Management in Japan

Japan dmc Shinjuku gyoen national garden

There is so much to do and see in Japan, especially if you are combining this trip with meeting and or incentive travel. if you are going all that way we know there is so much to do and see and planning a trip to Japan can be a stressful and confusing experience. There are several fundamental elements that can make an event planners life easier. Local knowledge, trustworthy contacts and enthusiastic service can make all the difference for a successful event. 

In addition to satisfying these basic needs we ensure our Japan DMC is equipped to facilitate a wide variety of activities, visits to venues and local festivals. 

Specialist Knowledge

A DMC should be able to give you all the information you need to function effectively in that country. Uniqueworld Global DMC Supplier Network ensures that event planners are able to relax. 

Our Japan DMC is full of creative problem solvers who have tonnes of specialist and local knowledge. Our staff are multi-lingual and because they are based in local offices they often have knowledge which you can’t find online and are readily available to answer your questions!


Trust is important when planning company events and activities abroad. We can help event planners communicate directly to a destinations DMC office so that a bond is formed from the beginning. 

We know that trust is built on clear communication and the fulfillment of promises.Whatever your brief, we are committed to finding a proposal for a creative solution within 48 hours. Our boutique approach ensures that we can provide a tailored experience.

cherry blossom festival

cherry blossom japan Chureito Pagoda

Venues and Activities

Our Japan DMC is popular with event planners because they are committed to discovering new and exciting venues and activities. Whether you want to relax in Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden or spend your off-day at one of the many World Heritage Sites our Japan DMC can facilitate your every need. 


Japan has many great festivals throughout the year that give visitors a fascinating glimpse into the culture. During spring Japan’s famous cherry blossom trees become the centre of several festivals around the country. 

The Cherry Blossom festivals in locations such as Hirosaki and Kakunodate form Japan’s largest annual celebration. It is a spectacle that should not be missed if you find yourself in Japan during the spring. Event planners choose our destination management in Japan because clients have full control in selecting an event itinerary. They have the freedom to decide whether they want to visit the Kakunodate Weeping Cherry Trees, take a trip to the Tokyo Motor Show or taste the regional food in Yoyogi Park

Choosing a DMC

There a several elements to our Destination Management in Japan that we are excited to share with you. We take pride in operating a Global DMC Supplier Network solution that is built on trust and simplicity. Our specialist knowledge and local connections enable us to be flexible to reflect the event planner’s business model. 

We know that event planners are looking for clear communication and expertise! We have the technology to simplify research and connect you to real people online. So, that when you arrive in Japan our DMC is the best local guide you could ask for!

To get in contact with a local DMC office, register online, search your destination, star and select multiple destinations and then view your shortlist. Click ‘Request for a Proposal’. Then complete the RFP and press submit. You will now have your account set-up to be able to send your event proposal directly to DMC offices and receive proposals faster than ever!



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