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uniqueworld IBTM

#IBTM in Barcelona! As an event planner it can be difficult to choose the right destination for your incentive travel trip. Your decision will be dictated by your budget, the dynamics of your group and your overall goals. Uniqueworld Global DMCs are here to help ensure you secure the most suitable destination. Some of our destinations to meet with at the show are:

FRANCE – Paris Key DMC
INDIA – Destinos India
JAPAN – JTB Global Marketing & Travel Inc.
MOROCCO – Menara Tours
TURKEY – Tekser Turizm ve Seyahat A.Ş. – DMC

Ultimately, if you want your incentive travel experience to be an unforgettable one it is important to think about these elements. Hopefully, you will find the right destination in no time at all!

Know Your Group 

If you want to choose the right destination you need to know your participants. Incentive travel provides a great opportunity to improve team dynamics and cooperation. In order to properly take advantage of this opportunity you must choose a destination that suits the particpants and the company goals. 

If the majority of the team is extroverted and looking for a fun time, a destination like Cancun would be ideal. Similarly certain cities offer more than others in terms of historical significance and sightseeing opportunities. To make the most of a DMC in a country like Singapore you should ascertain the likes and dislikes of your group and plan accordingly. 

singapore dmc

Singapore to Brunei

Singapore is a great incentive travel destination that also enables convenient access to other destinations like Brunei. The ‘Garden City’ has an abundance of nature and wildlife and boasts a variety of excellent culinary experiences. Thankfully, when you have tasted all Singapore has to offer it is only a 2 hour flight to Brunei: the haven of tranquility. 

Know Your Budget 

Your options will largely be dependent on your budget. By using a DMC like Tour East that deals with local businesses on a regular basis you can ensure that your budget is well spent. A DMC has superior buying power so that you can make the most of a tour around Singapore or a night out a Marina Bay.

We have the technology to simplify research and connect to real people online to ensure that you are not wasting your money! When it comes to budgeting correctly relying on expertise is the best strategy. The best DMC’s try to be flexible to reflect the event planner’s business model.

Know Your Goals

It is important to be aware of your groups goals before setting out on your trip. Every group is different. Knowing the group dynamic is vital to choosing the right destination for an incentive travel experience. A DMC can provide the expertise and local knowledge but they will be able to do their job more effectively if the goals of the excursion are clear. 

Often the primary goals are to have fun, relax and feel revitalised. A happy workforce is more likely to be efficient in the office and strive towards results. Incentive travel also provides opportunities for team bonding and dynamic thinking. It is helpful to have these goals in mind when choosing your destination. 

The Right Destination

Figuring out the right destination can be the key to unlocking the potential of your work group. For many years we have been operating a Global DMC Supplier Network solution that aims to make it easy for event planners. But there is still a certain amount of responsibility that rests on the planner’s shoulders. 

It is vital to outline the budgetary limits and group goals before making a decision. Tour East Asia can assist this process by providing specialist knowledge and creative solutions to local issues in destinations like Singapore. If you take all these elements on board it should be easier to choose your incentive travel destination. 

To get in contact with a local DMC office, register online, search your destination, star and select multiple destinations and then view your shortlist. Click ‘Request for a Proposal’. Then complete the RFP and press submit. You will now have your account set-up to able send your event proposal directly to DMC offices and receive proposals faster than ever!


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