10 Benefits of DMC Representation for Event Planners

Whether you’re new to event planning or organise multiple events for a company with a hectic schedule, you need a reliable planning service that delivers fast turnarounds, flexibility and budget savings.

A Destination Management Company (DMC) representation company should be your first port of call. Rather than researching numerous individual DMCs, you can contract a DMC rep to find the local company who’ll deliver your event package you on-brief.

Here are 10 benefits of using a DMC representation company and professionally-sourced DMCs.

1) Insurance

When you’re under pressure, the first DMC that fits the bill seems simplest – but uninsured DMCs and suppliers can derail your event and affect your business. Are you risking your company by working with such entities?

Having a DMC representative means there’s an expert consultant who asks or knows which insurances a particular DMC can offer. They’ll understand their financial stability and history, licensing and staff, recognised certifications and technologies they use.

A good representation company insures you by tracking and consolidating essentials like correspondence and billing. All documentation is in place in the event of a dispute or diversion from the plan.

2) Trust…

…underpins event planning and comes with using a DMC representation company. Your representative knows their roster, and there’s a mutual respect that ensures expectations and agreements are fulfilled.

Once your supplier has aligned you the right DMC, there’s added trust from their individual supplier relationships, equalling better event quality, consistency and savings.

Good vendor relationships mean a better-quality program. A DMC rep connects you to DMCs with long-standing vendor partners, specialised tender documents and established procedures that pave the way to slick, memorable event. If you believe you’re a destination for where we do not already have member signed up,you can learn more and apply to become a member via this link for DMC representation.

3) Reliability

Your DMC representation company learns each DMC’s profile in advance so you know they’ve set up comparable events – or are creative and connected enough to deliver custom solutions without the risks associated with using smaller, less influential organisations.

Uniqueworld’s affiliate DMCs have each coordinated (on average) over 2,000 events in prime international areas. Rich locational knowledge affords them a creative edge that adds versatility to their proven reliability.

4) Multi-level management

Event management is unrelentingly complex – there’s always something new to manage, so get a representation company to propose the right DMC and remove the stress and lack of surety.

After all, you’re relying on your DMC for choosing venues, managing schedules and activities, incorporating brand messaging, recommending hospitality, showcasing the destination, protecting client data and managing security.

Corporate conflicts and supplier management are handled by the DMC you’re paired with. They’ll sort out vendor payments, audit vendor invoices and oversee service delivery.

5) Reward schemes

If you’re booking events regularly in an area, you’ll likely work with the same DMC. Like any good business, they’ll offer a reward scheme and give you greater ROI. After all, you’re investing considerably to benefit your organisation, so you should get something back from those you entrust to accomplish this. Speak to your Uniqueworld rep to learn more.

DMCs will be well-connected with transport, accommodation, entertainment and dining vendors. This in turn can lead to discounted fares and priority access to bookings on direct flights, premium hotels and high-quality events.

6) Communication…

…is the foundation of organisation. Using a DMC representation company makes communication more organised and professional. With Uniqueworld, proposal requests are sent straight to the proposal writing team at each local DMC.

You’re then assigned a dedicated account manager. Having one point of contact (within the DMC and the representation company) means you won’t have a vast supplier list to correspond with.

The Uniqueworld messaging platform lets you contact the DMC directly for immediate feedback, monitoring and recording all correspondence to ensure quality service delivery. View budgets and proposals for each tender in one place, giving you greater management flexibility.

Once you’re working with a DMC, our destinations have multilingual employees on the ground – another communication benefit from a professionally-curated DMC.

7) Pricing

Cost effectiveness key. A DMC representation company will find the best prices for you since they have numerous DMCs on their books vying for contracts.

A DMC’s combination of value and quality comes from their local reputation and resultant negotiating clout. You’re relying on these relationships to get great service – and access to exclusive items that might not be generally accessible.

8)…and other financial benefits

Each company offers individual financial benefits – they’ll know local financial and tourism laws, perhaps helping to cut overheads with reverse charges for EU clients and VAT exemption for non-EU clients.

Others offer value through unique company holdings, like in-house coach fleets and retail travel agencies or even owning hotels in some cases. Many DMCs offer different advantages on top of their core services, so having an agent find and prioritise those for you is a big advantage.

9) DMC availability

With wide coverage, DMC suppliers offer enhanced availability – Uniqueworld work with market-leading DMCs across 27 expansive territories, each with multiple offices to give you exceptional flexibility.

DMC representation companies like Uniqueworld save time, resources and planning by sending an event brief to multiple destination DMCs, so you have a range of curated options in front of you.

10) Brand reputation

Name and reputation mean plenty in international event planning – as we’ve established, you need a brand you can trust.

Brands that appear high in searches and at international fairs convey a strong industry presence – Uniqueworld is a well-recognised name with strong industry presence, featuring annually at events like IMEX Frankfurt and the Meeting Show at Olympia, UK.

Of course, if your event doesn’t require that level of service, a DMC representative might not be strictly necessary. However, in the demanding, competitive world of event planning, it pays to have assurances and practicalities secured so your event can impress and pay dividends.

To get in contact with a local DMC office, register online, search your destination, star and select multiple destinations and then view your shortlist. Click ‘Request for a Proposal’. Then complete the RFP and press submit. You will now have your account set-up to able send your event proposal directly to DMC offices and receive proposals faster than ever! #keepitunique

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