What is a Destination Management Company?

You run a thriving event planning business or work for a larger company with numerous and varied clients, stakeholders and investors. You’ll need to arrange meetings, product launches, AGMs, incentive tours, training days and team building to build your enterprise.

You know the content, settings and accoutrements your events require because you have your goals and attendees in mind. However, they require a lot of planning – and when you’re motivating staff, educating investors and wooing new clients, you won’t have every detail within your location or frame of reference.

When you’re flat out with business as usual, comprehensive planning can become impractical when you factor in meeting sizes, times between sessions and events and available staff. Not to mention the unexpected complications that can arise during an event.

“Now is the time to inflate your event planning (tyres) and get in contact with the industry experts with their unrivalled local DMC expertise.”

So what does a destination management company do?

Vital to corporate event planning, DMCs are professional third-party experts hired to co-ordinate events outside a company’s local area and scope of expertise. Consider them “architects for meeting professionals”.  They’re conference planners and incentive travel companies, or are partnered with corporate meeting, conference and incentive planners and travel agents.

DMCs evolved from a need for independent events contractors stemming from the 1980s US recession. These contractors saw expansion opportunities in working for multiple clients, making themselves indispensable by accumulating in-depth knowledge of and contacts within their service area. This meant knowing about transport options, accommodation, public permit requirements, entertainment and tour operators, the best restaurants and how much of each element applied to each client’s needs.

All of this means DMCs give you plenty of options combined with the logistic foresight to deliver your event seamlessly. Their real value comes from their ability to provide event packages and content that aren’t readily accessible thanks to their specialist knowledge, resources and contacts.

DMC event designers support your planning team to give your attendees a first-rate experience. They’ll handle every detail – depending on the scope of your event, they’re able to deliver a range of services, whether it’s creating a slick, professional image, controlling a schedule or providing activities to refresh and reward your clients or staff.

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Nuts, bolts and benefits

Event planning on any scale is a detailed, multi-layered affair. DMCs operate with a positive, forward-thinking attitude and stay obsessively current in their sector – they’re well connected and supported. Often, DMCs can source lower rates for amenities like hotels, staff and catering – an obvious planning advantage.

Hiring a Uniqueworld Global DMC means your have a professional local team who understand cultural subtleties and have a nose for unnecessary price hikes and other liberties local suppliers may take.

They’re intrinsically adaptable, creating solutions to challenges posed by unique client requests and situations. They’re also equipped to recruit additional specialist staff and contractors to tick all the boxes on your brief, and cover things outside it.

The ultimate benefits of taking on a DMC are economy of finances, time and human resources. Letting someone with specialist knowledge of a location’s facts and fun features helps you and your staff concentrate on delivering what you know best.

Choosing the right DMC

You want an exciting, original schedule that caters specifically to your event’s intended outcome. Maybe you’re striving to equip people with new skills, or acknowledge things the company has achieved. Most importantly, you want your event to foster and reinforce business relationships.


So where do you start looking for the most appropriate DMC?

Suppliers like Uniqueworld present an extensive portfolio of companies to help you find the exact right DMC, with professionally vetted and accredited contacts and resources worldwide. However large, small or important your event, you want a team to provide the corresponding level of planning, creativity and general service quality.

Using an expert supplier enables you to see which companies provide the premium service per area, how they’re rated and reviewed, and how far their area of operation reaches.

What if things go wrong?

With corporate events, contingency plans are crucial – and in today’s precision-obsessed, safety-conscious world, you need all eventualities covered. There are always things you’ll wonder if you could’ve avoided, so DMCs ideally will have public liability locked down and contingency plans laid out for each unique situation.

Things go awry during even the most professional events, but they needn’t affect what’s happening ‘front of house’. Weather can change on a dime when running outdoor activities. Internet problems are common and online security is a constant concern. Scheduling might not line up, delegates could miss transfers and dietary requirements could be overlooked. There may even be higher-level regional security issues that affect your event.

Uniqueworld Global DMCs pride themselves on attention to detail. Being local experts, they’ll plan thoroughly in advance and know how to right the ship in the event of the unexpected. In fact, crisis management is one of the main benefits of working with a DMC – and is something most consider one of their strongest but possibly overlooked selling points.

Your DMC will understand security concerns, legislation and practicalities in their area – border control, embassies, hospitals, law enforcement and so forth. In some locations they may offer private security teams when appropriate.

On a grassroots level, they’ll be aware of general weather and social climes – important if you’re heading abroad. News events could spark concern in your organization and attendees, but your Uniqueworld DMC will have a more accurate picture of such situations since they’re already on the ground , helping you stay on course.

Innumerable variables mean a ‘plan B’ needs to be established and not an afterthought on the day.

The devil’s in the details…

…so do your business a favour and source a trustworthy, highly-rated and well-connected destination management company to handle the heavy lifting at your next corporate meeting, event or conference – or at the very least, provide expert advice  to help you plan and carry out execute a truly impressive business event.

To get started, register online, search your destination, star and select multiple destinations and then view your shortlist. Click ‘Request for a Proposal’. Then complete the RFP and press submit. You will now have your account set-up to able send your event proposal directly to DMC offices and receive proposals faster than ever! #keepitunique

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