Italy DMC Sees Growing Incentive Travel Demand For Venice


Thanks to the canals and the particular localisation, Venice is one of the most beautiful cities to visit and discover. Your journey will be more comfortable with our Italy DMC; we will organise with great efficiency for everything you need.

Our Italy DMC supplies all the necessary in order to make your visit amazing.
Arrival can include a private transfer between the Airport and your hotel with a private deluxe water transportation, and we make available for you fully licensed English speaking staff.
There are too many reasons to join Venice, and below are few perfect examples for event planning companies.


Aboard traditional Venetian flat-bottom boats you can get in small canals and sandbanks that offer spectacular views. Bragozzo boats are comfortable and elegant boats made of wood by local Venetian craftsmen following the tradition of the old Venetian ship-building.


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Murano, synonymous with glass, it has been the centre of the glassmaking industry since 1291, when the furnaces and glass craftsmen were moved from the city, prompted by the risk of fire to the buildings and the disagreeable effects of smoke.
The Italy DMC organises for you tour of the best glass-blowing factories in Murano, world famous for the artistic Venetian glass-blowing art passed from father to son for generations.
You can also assist at a live demonstration of how to create colored glass from a glass rod.
The processing is made by fusing different kinds of glass together with each other creating combinations of shapes and new colors.
In order to work the glass, master glassmaker uses a gas flame which stays on all day, reaching very high temperatures. This allows him to continually create new shapes, colors and sizes.
Torcello island, a quiet and sparsely populated island in the Northern end of the Venetian Lagoon where will visit the 10th century small Cathedral offering beautiful mosaics of the Virgin.
Tiny and peaceful Torcello is the most evocative island in the lagoon and the first settlement for the original inhabitants, refugees fleeing from the collapse of the Roman Empire.
The charming Locanda Cipriani on Torcello island is the best place to get a lunch. It is simple, elegant furnishings combined with polite, attentive service and culinary delights based on reinterpretations of typical lagoon dishes. Diners can sit on the outdoor terrace in summer. The garden is open from the beginning of spring right through to autumn.
You can’t leave Venice without having a GONDOLA SERENADE.


An unforgettable romantic ride by the typical Venetian gondolas, gliding along the Grand Canal and the quaint inner canals, conducted by the famous gondoliers with their distinctive straw hat and colorful sailor shirt, while singing musicians serenade us with typical Italian & Venetian melodies, as we admire the beauties of this unique city.



Here is a truly unique tour and experience combining the Lagoon most colourful island together with a cloistered vineyard and high-concept Chic gastro-retreat run by Michelin star Chef Antonia Klugmann, a brand new institution In Venice!

Burano and its “twin” island Mazzorbo, in the heart of the Northern Lagoon Park are only separated by a charming timber bridge. Their history dates back to the 5th century BC.

Burano, with its candy coloured houses, the canals, the bridges, the leaning tower, the houses and famous as a lace-working centre, became a tourist destination for many of the Venetian elite families who built sumptuous villas with flourishing gardens, and then the meeting places for artists and scholars.

Mazzorbo instead is a verdant and untouristy island that became place of spiritual retreat: over the centuries the small population, above all farmers and monks, dedicated themselves to the production of typical lagoon vegetables, looking after fruit trees (above all the grapevine) and nurturing fish breeds on the fish farms.

The ancient 2 hectares “walled vineyard” dating back to 15th C and watched over by an even older bell tower, produces the celebrated and awarded Venissa, the Golden Wine of Native Venice due to the brilliant color of its berries. The ambitious project of carrying out the Lagoon’s traditional vegetable and wine making activities is the brainchild of the Bisol family, celebrated wine growers and producers of Valdobbiadene Prosecco and many important partners, who eventually funded Venissa.

You can join the isle with Motorboat. Upon arrival at Venissa Estate group enjoy a guided visit to the vineyards and orchard and an “emotional” wine tasting of the precious Venissa wine.
Aperitif & Lunch will be served at Venissa Wine Estate After lunch, guests will proceed on foot to Burano island, crossing the charming wooden bridge. Guides will be available for directions and lecturing. At the end return transfer back to hotel by same motorboat.


Learn the art of mask-decorating at one of the oldest studios in Venice! An exciting experience that will take guests through the history and techniques of this ancient art. The art of Masks in Venice is a very old tradition. Going back to 14th century it then developed enormous significance in 18th century social relations, when aristocrats used to wear white masks to ornate their outfits, to such an extent that in some cases they were made compulsory by law. With the fall of the Venetian Republic at the end of the 18th century the use and tradition of masks gradually began to decline, until they disappeared altogether.
Mask decorating classes are held by professional teachers. As well as learning the basic theory and practice you will be encouraged to release your creative expression. Participants will be able to choose from the two suggested coloring techniques or else freely express their creativity, fantasy decoration with five finishing techniques. During the class refreshments will be served.
At the end of the work each participant can take home their own mask which will be professionally finished and unique. A truly enjoyable and culturally gratifying experience!
Our Italy DMC can offer you a variety of restaurants in order to make your dinner unforgetable:


Lying close to Saint Mark’s Square, in the historical and commercial heart of town, this delightful Venetian restaurant is the ideal place to enjoy an excellent Venetian lunch or dinner in its wonderful atmosphere.
You can savor the traditional dishes of the local cuisine accompanied by the finest wines of the best Italian wine producers, the pride of its excellently supplied cellar.
Maximum capacity: approx 15

Venice is the place with ancient and prestigious Palaces for Gala Dinners!

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….If you close your eyes for a moment and imagine an enchanted evening in Venice… imagine a magnificent palace on the Grand Canal embellished with frescoes by Tiepolo… imagine baroque melodies sweetened by the magic light of one thousand candles… imagine tables laden with historic Venetian Dishes…
The palace, ever since property of the Pisani family, was erected in the second half of the XV Century at one of the most attractive points along the “Canal Grande”, half way between the Bridge of Rialto and the Ca’Foscari’ s Vault.
The architectural importance of the facade is due to the splendid Gothic mullioned windows of the two main floors; the wonderful elaborate Baroque decoration inside, is the work of the most outstanding Venetian artists of the XVIII Century such as Giambattista Tiepolo, Jacopo Guarana, Gaspare Diziani and Giuseppe Angeli.
The magnificent staircase rising in double ramps to the top floor of the Palace also belongs to the Baroque period and was built to replace the old Gothic outer step.


Salone del Ridotto (Assembly Room) is a marvellous ballroom housed inside the historic Palazzo Dandolo palace, an independent section of Monaco & Grand Canal Hotel (own private entrance). Back in 1600 it was a place where Aristocrats would gather to engage in social and political relations, including gambling. Dating to 1500, Palazzo Dandolo was as a great patrician palace home to the French Ambassador and in 1638 used as public gaming room (pubblico Ridotto) till its abolition in 1774. Under the Austrian domination it was mainly employed for Carnival parties, later it became property of Venice Town Hall that turned it back to a Casino in 1936. Following the acquisition by the Benetton Group in 1992 it underwent substancial renovation works to finally become a superb Banqueting hall and a modern 250 seat Conference Centre surrounded by 8 meeting rooms.

We don’t miss anything THE CARNIVAL PARTY!

Held inside your selected location, here is a nice Carnival themed party evoking Venice in 1700.
Venetian Masquerade evening will recreate the lively & colourful atmosphere of the word famous Venetian Carnival, a vibrant and playful festival where magnificent masks play a key role in this anonymous world: the tradition of Carnival in Venice began in the 11th century and reached its peak of popularity in the 18th century. Each guest will be given the typical Venetian mask.
A large assortment of colourful masks available! Alternatively, guests can be provided with a Domino (1 Cape + 1 hand-decorated mask) OR with a full Carnival outfit.

Entertainment to WOW Your Clients

Upon arrival at the venue guests will find 2 Araldi della Serenissima (standard bearers in Renaissance costume, sounding their trumpets) standing by the main entrance door to introduce guests to dinner emphasizing the solemnity of this great event. Inside, 6 Venetian actresses dressed in typical Costumes will welcome them and entertain them throughout the evening (ie: to take pictures, to walk around and on request will be happy to sit with guests at dinner.
Additionally, 4 Venetian characters (masks representing famous typical characters of the 18th century Venice such as Colombina, Harlequin, Pulcinella, Pantaloon…) welcome guests in their typical costumes and entertain them with their funny actions.
More characters can be used to increase Carnival atmosphere, if desired.
During dinner a group of 4 female musicians (flute, oboe, violin, violoncello) dressed in typical 1700 costumes will entertain guests with the typical Baroque music performance.
A Welcome drink followed by a lavish 4 course seated dinner will be served .
Wonderful chandeliers and theme matching flowers related to the main Carnival theme featuring brightly and colourful floral compositions completed by satin streamers and little masks. can be featured on request.
On request, waiters may also be dressed up in 1800 costumes.
After dinner dance.
After dinner will have a lounge area and open bar as well as strobe lighting, and here Guests can let themselves go to the musical sounds wisely chosen by the DJ sound designer until deep into the night.

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To say goodbye to beautiful Venice, our Italy DMC proposes you to do it with an alternative transport…. The helicopter!
A different way to enjoy the extraordinary Venetian landscape and its lagoon altogether and faster way to reach the airport before saying goodbye to Venice

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