European DMC Offices Enquiries Grow For Second Tier Cities

Weather is picking up and the positive news on the UK MICE scene seems to be ‘cautious optimism’. Over the past few months we have certainly seen some indication of Long Haul incentives returning and events previously being held in the UK now looking back at European DMC options. All this is positive and at Uniqueworld, a few of our European DMC members have had a chance to showcase – their ‘second tier cities’ or emerging destinations. Plus we have some great ideas for larger groups wanting an alternate venue solution – ‘rent a mountain.’ Uniqueworld members own and operate offices throughout their destinations, very important when dealing in these ‘secondary cities’.

France & Monaco DMC – La Fayette Travel

Marseille, the largest city in France, has seen a huge investment over the past few years over 7 billion Euros has been spent on new hotels, refurbishing venues and generally creating a destination that can support International events, Global Product launches and exclusive retreats. One hour inland of the city, Provence offers a fabulous contrast to the busy hub of the city; beautiful villages and squares, historic Chateaux and Villas and incredible scenery. Lafayette Travel now operate based in Marseille working with all the immediate areas. This gives a unique opportunity to offer some great event solutions.

Portugal DMC – Abreu


Oporto Located along the Douro river estuary in northern Portugal, Oporto is a registered UNESCO World Heritage Site. The region offers luxurious accommodation from the classic city locations to the fabulous ‘Pousadas’- situated in the fabulous countryside that offer a unique form of luxury accommodation, in Castles, Fortresses, Convents, Palaces and even Monasteries. Great wines, food and some fabulous roads affords event planners a great backdrop for a great ‘Portugal alternative’.

Croatia DMC – Atlas


Zagreb is the political, cultural and economic capital of Croatia boasts a City that offers an array of Four and Five star hotels, including the beautiful Esplanade Hotel. Not many European capitals can boast a World Cup Skiing Mountain on its doorstep, but Mt Medvednica is only a tram ride away and offers great views of the city. Zagreb has a real energy and young buzz about it – The classic buildings from the Austro Hungarian period now house elegant restaurants, boutiques, Concert Halls and the odd Beer Hall! Like a lot of former ‘Eastern European parks ‘it also has great outdoor spaces and parks. There are excellent event site opportunities throughout the city. As an alternate to the more ‘traditional’ European cities, Zagreb has a great deal to offer. For those clients ‘lucky enough’ to still work on larger overseas events, finding the ‘right space’ is always a challenge. This past quarter, two of our members have offered ‘Unique Solutions’ for larger events offering a Mountain option.

Austria DMC – IMS


Tyrol, IMS can source a Mountain solution, where you can host the Conference, house the delegates and offer some fabulous local venue solutions for dinner. For events up to 400 people there are also chances to ‘Brand’ the event within the Village and create a really ‘one-off’ solution. House your clients in traditional Tyrolean Hotels –This is a fabulous solution and access can be via Munich or Innsbruck.

Switzerland DMC – Conventus


Swiss Alps – What Austria can do, so can Switzerland! Davos, host of the Annual Economic Summit, can offer a great solution for larger groups looking to ‘take over a resort’ and with a new Intercontinental Hotel, a really great option for ‘Mountain Meeting’. 

Long Haul, Christian has been in NYC on a co-hosted FAM with our fab NYC DMC – Briggs, Virgin Atlantic and Langham hotels.

Gastaldi – Italy, Rome & Milan
Compass – Germany
BDP – Scandanavia
Winners – South Africa
Routes & Borders DMC – UAE, Oman
Briggs – NYC
Winners – South Africa
Atlas – Croatia
La Fayette – France
Abreu – Portugal, Spain and Brazil

Christian and I hope to see you out and about in the coming months with European DMCs and International coming to the UK!

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