How A Destination Management Company Can Help in Event Planning

Last month, I talked about how our office supports you. Therefore, it’s only right to offer you the same from our international DMC’s Unique Perspective. Did you know more than 6.4 million people attend Oktoberfest – the world’s largest beer festival? Using a destination management company (DMC) here is a sensible choice for any event planning business. Their local expertise opens up ways in which they can help create and run an outstanding and creative event for you. Following my recent experiences, to ensure you don’t do what the tourist does, or find yourself stuck in the mayhem of traffic or lost in the excitement of running an event, you’ll need a quality DMC!

However, corporate events are not always combined with festivals or sporting events and often vary drastically in terms of scale, location, logistics and content. Even if their outcomes may seem similar – woo new clients, educate staff or appeal to stakeholders – each company has its own requirements, sub-goals and intricacies that dictate how planning must run.

Let’s take a look at some of the specific ways a DMC can help you plan an event.


An expert DMC can look at what you’re trying to achieve, focus on the main points and create a focused and creative itinerary that will maximise the potential of your event. They’ll provide an on-site event consultant (or team of project managers/consultants) to ensure things stay on track and deliver with excellence down to the smallest specialist details.


Leading organisations like Uniqueworld Global will help you partner with a DMC that can pull together an event that suits your business sector.

For example, if you’re in the public sector, they can help cut down on manual and administrative tasks whilst maximising on event attendance. On the education front, you’ll get specialised planning for events like workshops and training courses for small teams or large contingents. A non-profit organisation would benefit from automated administrative tasks so agents can focus on fundraising and donor relationship management.

A DMC can operate on simple or complex levels, improving efficiency by managing things like meeting planning, schedule automation and similar small but time-consuming tasks so you can focus on business development. Pre- and post-event communications and tasks can be effectively managed by a DMC. 


Depending on your event, there are likely to be staff, delegates, VIPs and management to transport, feed and accommodate.

Your DMC will arrange events according to your available timetable they can book and coordinate travel and transfers to ensure attendees are collected and arrive on time. They’ll also arrange accommodation – whether that’s luxury hotels for corporate heads or budget hotels for larger parties. For VIPs, a DMC can achieve upgrades easier than any company’s one-off event, due to the volume of business a local DMC provides to their hotels.

A DMC will consider small but important details such as whether meals are included in the package price, or whether discounts/concessions apply for a certain number of attendees.


If your DMC offers their own digital organisational platform, you can manage and monitor itineraries, finances and other records in one place. This type of system consolidates the myriad factors of event planning so nothing is left to chance.

Common features of such platforms include portals and mobile apps that enable you and your candidates to register, transfer fees, print badges and look up essential information. They’re particularly useful at large events like conventions and trade shows.

A centralised reporting system allows you to collect attendee data. Send invitations directly, ensure people receive reminders and carry out effective email marketing and correspondence from a central organised hub. Processing payments can be faster and simpler when using a DMC’s dedicated system – an area that can seriously affect how your event practically runs.

A DMC will likely have round-the-clock support if you’re using their platform. With full reporting and reviewing facilities, you can see where your event was successful and how to make next year’s even more popular.


Allowing a DMC to staff your event means you’re assured of high-quality destination management services, accredited staff who will deliver exactly the service you need. They may be multi-lingual – essential for international and higher-profile clients and events – and they’ll have specialist skills appropriate to the type of event you’re hosting and their local area.


All company events need unique activities to break up the flow of work and information, keeping attendees stimulated so they leave with a positive impression.

The DMC will arrange in-event activities and extra-curricular entertainment – particularly useful for multi-day events and events with the detailed subject matter. If you’re hosting an event abroad, sightseeing may well become a part of the itinerary – so the DMC can source local guides to entertain your clients.

Because they’re well-connected and proactive, DMCs are able to add a unique, premium feel to your event. This could come in the form of concierge services for your VIPs, luxury transport and accommodation. Impress your directors at a private retreat or improve team interaction during an away day by the sea – a good DMC will create a solution to fit your budget and what you’re trying to achieve.


Local buying power means better supplier relations for great results and value for money.

Unless you’re working on a smaller scale or have a relatively undemanding schedule, it’s likely you won’t have the time and resources to arrange each event supplier at competitive rates. Using a company like Uniqueworld Global will pair you with a DMC who’ll know which suppliers to contract for a truly memorable event.

DMCs are, by nature, well-connected in their area of operations. They can hire great caterers and transport providers, book the best accommodation and rope in premium entertainment at competitive rates, so you can stay on budget or even save on costs.


A DMC is there to create solutions that take the stress off your shoulders. Coming up with a creative programme ensures a well-delivered event that impresses, and keeping on top of things as they unfold means the DMC can creatively solve problems or adapt to keep things running smoothly.

This adaptability extends to special personalised details – for instance, improving a CIP client’s experience by booking premier restaurants near their accommodation, making for a convenient and luxurious-feeling experience they’ll remember.


You could be holding a meeting in your city or a large conference abroad – there’ll always be permits, laws and related considerations to be aware of and account for.

By contracting a DMC through an organisation like Uniqueworld Global, you’ll get a knowledgeable DMC who know which documents are required, what can be accomplished, and how to deal with authorities to ensure you accomplish your goals without incurring unforeseen costs or stopping your event in its tracks by improperly-followed procedures.

The specifics and details are ever-changing in the world of event planning, but a good DMC will cover a lot of bases to create an efficiently-run event that lets you focus on the outcomes and not the small stuff.

To get in contact with a local DMC office, register online, search your destination, star and select multiple destinations and then view your shortlist. Click ‘Request for a Proposal’. Then complete the RFP and press submit. You will now have your account set-up to able send your event proposal directly to DMC offices and receive proposals faster than ever! #keepitunique

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