Event Management Course: A Career In The Hospitality Industry

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For those lucky few who possess the artful skill of knowing of hosting a successful social gathering, it might be a good idea to take a look into what types of event management courses are available. Some people thrive in the social sphere, and it is these vibrant people who can help to bring flair back into all of our lives. Nothing is more irksome than attending a “do” where absolutely nothing runs smoothly – it really is enough to put one off leaving the house at all. On the other hand, a well-planned gathering is enough to keep a person grinning broadly for weeks.

There is often a concern that events management courses are a little limited with regards to career prospects. In truth, however, events management is a gateway to a lifetime of success – provided you put in the appropriate amounts of effort. Business meetings, conferences, cocktail parties, weddings, stag nights, kitchen teas, sweet sixteens, proms, team building weekends, company getaways, anniversaries, fundraisers, festivals, concerts…the list of possible events is extensive and it continues to grow all the time. So many people out there are always on the lookout for a professional who will be able to take the organizational reins.

As with any degree, it is important to get a head start. The earlier you begin your studies, the more knowledge you will be able to collect throughout your career. The hospitality industry is ever changing, which means that you need to keep your finger on the pulse of any and all new developments.

The most obvious study route would be to go through an events management company that specializes in this sort of training. A diploma or bachelors degree in events management is geared towards all the training needed to tackle absolutely any type of event. These types of courses often cover areas such as: health and safety, client management, site surveying, risk management, environmental management, cash flow and budgeting, and site design. All of these skills combined will enable the events manager to create a stellar event that is perfect from start to finish.

Of course, there are other ways to get into events management. The following courses provide talented hopefuls with a spring-board into the industry: arts administration, marketing, tourism, public relations, and office management. The great thing about these sorts of courses is that they allow potential events managers to branch out into other fields that are closely related to their major interests.

An internship may also be a clever way to break into the industry. While it is not always easy to find a suitable internship with the company of your dreams, it certainly is worth your while to build up experience. On a CV, nothing looks quite as good as a huge pile of job experience with a reputable company. This is also the best way forward for people who prefer a more hands-on approach. Long and arduous hours of theoretical work definitely are not suitable for everyone.

The good news is that most reputable universities will combine the most important aspects of theoretical and practical work. Future event coordinators will face challenging and exciting degrees such as a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration, a Bachelor of Science in hospitality and (for those students who wish to kick it up a notch) there is also a Master of Science in hospitality management. Each of these events management courses is designed to equip students with in-depth knowledge regarding the hospitality  sector as well as practical training in well-known hotels and other popular social establishments. Students should prepare themselves for three to four years of rewarding and sometimes grueling work.

Sustainable event management courses are growing in popularity. These types of courses are often an integral part of further training – something that all respectable event coordinators are expected to do. Potential clients are always on the lookout for event organizers who are at the forefront of trends; and in this day and age nothing is quite as trendy (or socially responsible) as reducing our collective carbon footprint. Events that are an example of responsible hosting are becoming more and more sough after. People are always hankering after a good party that does not leave them feeling guilty afterwards. Sustainable event management is a concept that encompasses absolutely every aspect of the event from the location to the catering, decor and entertainment.

Courses geared towards the development of event management software are an amazing option for event coordinators who are equipped with a passion for technology. In fact, more and more companies are on the hunt for event coordinators who can provide useful and memorable gadgets at larger corporate functions. Enabling guests to use this available technology in order to confirm bookings and find networking options is a wonderful way to boost any company’s image – this is something that every savvy young event coordinator should know.

Perhaps the most important part of a degree in events management is building up your portfolio. Prospective clients will always want to see examples of your previous jobs – and they will probably want a few contactable references as well. Events management courses will often provide students with opportunities to host small scale events at university or in the student’s local community. These are the building blocks of a fantastic portfolio. These “training”events are the perfect opportunity for students to do some networking. The key to building up a client base is to keep in contact with people who will be on the lookout for event management services in the future. It is also smart to collect the contact details of reputable suppliers and caterers that could come in handy at a later stage.

Events management courses are definitely a great way to pave the way for a successful career in the hospitality industry. A definite bonus to this industry is that there really never is a dull moment. No two events are ever quite the same, which allows for a certain amount of creative flexibility. After all, event coordinators are nothing if not artistic and imaginative in their own way.

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  1. Abhi Roy

    Event management has big opportunities in each and every area where you can show your creativity , team management spirit, finishing your work with in time limit.

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