Event Planning Companies are Driving Corporate Trends

Uniqueworld continues to support the events industry as a destination marketing representation company and events supplier. No traveling business person is a stranger to the many corporate events around the globe that need attendance. Any major corporation will play host to seasonal dinners, balls, cocktail parties and a wide variety of other trendy gatherings. In short, it does seem as though event planning companies are the driving force behind corporate trends. Event technology is designed to grow businesses across various types of events by promoting local and international client engagements as well as increasing overall efficiency. Event planning companies are becoming a major boon for all large corporations around the globe.

As humans we exist in a world that is essentially one large global community. For this reason, business meetings and events (both international and local) gain a higher status. In-person meetings are no longer a purely logistical experience. Face-to-face events hold high value in terms of strategic contributions towards a business’ success. Event planning companies, therefore, are worth the investment simply because they are equipped with impressive amounts of knowledge regarding airport taxes, airfare costs, and hotel costs. These professional event managers are also able to scope out the best deals in the most popular event locations.

Almost 10 percent of every business’ budget is spent on event management. That figure alone indicates that event planning companies are directly related to a business’ success. This percentage is growing steadily, and may eventually reach a shocking 25 percent – a quarter of the annual budget is by no means slim pickings. Such a large and consistent expenditure can only mean that these events create a long-lasting impact. Realistically, any enormous expense should be directly related to a return investment.

Every business, no matter how large or small, needs to create an image that draws in successful revenue. There is something to be said for large-scale events that boost a company’s image. Weekly in-office meetings are well enough but there is a higher chance of a long-lasting impression when a successful social event comes into play. Every company needs a hook — what better way to implement that than to provide potential and current clients with a session of glitz and pampering.

Professional events are designed to do three things: increase sales, carry a message and boost profit. In order to achieve this, event management companies have begun to tweak their approach from frivolity to strategy. These people are trained to tackle the challenging task of creating an atmosphere that is both entertaining and perfectly aligned with the business’ goals. Essentially, event planning companies have a direct line to corporate trends.

In many cases the technology used at these events becomes integrated into the everyday running of the business in question. Corporate events have such a huge effect on the mindset of the attendees, that they equate the equipment used with professional success. At the moment it seems as though mobile technology is the most awe-inspiring trend within the corporate umbrella.  This should come as no surprise, since mobile technology appears to be the way forward in almost every aspect of humanity. Corporate trends, therefore, need to accurately reflect these growing trends in order to connect with their target market.

More often than not events are designed to “take the temperature” of a particular company’s success rate. Attendance is more important than attendee satisfaction – the more people in attendance, the more likely word about the company is to get out. Surveys, polls and social networking all become a crucial part of launching a magnificent party. By the same logic, these tools can be implemented to measure and boost the success of a company’s day-to-day processes.

Event management is an exercise in efficiency. In one single event, deal closures are significantly accelerated, effective branding is carried across, marketing strategies are implemented, professional relationships are locked-in and product awareness is boosted. A proper strategy is put in place long before the event becomes a tangible feature. Clearly, companies can benefit from the strategies employed in these large-scale meetings. Quite obviously, these event trends directly influence the way companies choose to operate.

Event management companies have found a way to tap into attendees’ love for their own personal mobile devices. Android phones, Smart Phones and tablets are found in board rooms around the globe. Event managers are able to tap into this interest by providing scheduling services which enable event attendees to keep abreast of any information or changes by flipping through their favourite mobile app. Companies, in turn, realise that they can boost their reputation by tapping into the same resource.

Data capturing is particularly advanced at these large scale corporate functions. Event management companies go the extra mile to monitor social interactions and attendee feedback. This is the best way to gauge the success of the event. Coupled with sales records, this enables companies to check up on their successes (and failures). These data capturing trends are picked up by corporations and used to keep a finger on the pulse of their general achievements.

Gamification is another trend that businesses have picked up from their event organizers. Scavenger hunts, team building exercises, board games, scavenger hunts and other related activities are often the high point of any function. These exercises are often integrated into in-company meetings in order to boost morale and create a stronger bond within the team. Although these activities may just seem like a “fun thing to do” they do foster a better environment for effective communication.

Another aspect of event management is creating an environment where attendees feel comfortable in sharing their opinions. Event managers know how to create a platform that is professional, relaxed and exciting all at once. People enjoy feeling as though they can verbalize their thoughts without being treated as a statistic. Company employees are learning how to create the same atmosphere in their client interactions.

What it boils down to is that major corporations have a lot to learn from event planning companies – and they realise it. From technology all the way to client interactions, event managers are able to accurately measure the behaviour of attendees. This is something that all businesses need to be able to assess.

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