Panama DMC Testimonial – The Hottest Destination for 2012

You have not decided yet on the destination for your 2012 event? The southernmost Central American country is considered as one of the hottest destinations for 2012! For the first time, visitors can fly directly to Panama City with KLM from Amsterdam which makes it easily accessible from Britain.

Have a look at the testimonial provided by our Panama DMC IVI Destination Management Services which gives an overview of a recent visit to lovely Panama and its amazing infrastructure growth in support of DMC groups.

Testimonial – Lovely visit to Panama

We’d heard that Panama was a new, exotic destination with a diversity of beautiful beaches and other locations in which to enjoy nature.  So we decided to pay Panama a visit and see for ourselves.  Here is a summary of what we found.

Upon arriving, we were impressed with the quantity of flights in and out of Tocumen (Panama International Airport, PTY).  It is, alter all a center of operations for flights to South and Central America, the Caribbean islands and into North America.

We were delighted to see the infrastructure growth that Panama is experiencing. All around us were newly constructed buildings and others being built, an indication of their strong economic and tourist growth. The excitement of the people was palpable and contagious.

“Panama, where the old and the new live in harmony like two loving brothers!”

We were directed to our hotel, which we had been told was located in the heart of the rainforest, on the shore of beautiful Gatun Lake.  And what an incredible place it was!  The hotel, like a peaceful emerald, buried in the forest, was surrounded by tranquil waters, inspired meditation and a sense of calm.

We found the service to be excellent and the next morning we set out on a boat tour of the deep, peaceful lake.  En route to Monkey Island, we passed forest trees, which, bathed by the sun’s rays, tempted us to explore its secrets.

Immersed in the incredible natural beauty of the place, we were lulled into delicious serenity when all of a sudden, out of the trees, dozens of white faced monkeys, exuberantly greeted us, happily jumping from branch to branch. It was as if they wanted  these strangers, like the others who had passed before to notice and interact with them and then peacefully continue on their way.

That afternoon, we took the areal tram from whose height we could see the expanse of abundant rainforest, hundreds of colorful birds and other little tropical animals.

“The combination of modern growth and untouched, virgin nature are truly impressive elements of Panama.”

The next two days we spent discovering the modern architectural and engineering marvels at the Miraflores Lock, watching enormous ships pass through the canal, manned by hundreds of operators, happy to be part of such an efficient, well timed operation.  All the ships are regularly updated on their expected wait time and peacefully await their turn.

That afternoon we were given a tour of old Panama City, where we were amazed by the relics at the Nuns’ Convent, an ancient site of conquest, where, with a bit of imagination, one could quickly be transported to historic Panama where praying nuns helped the community with the many communal projects. The old tower of Panama, proud and indifferent to the passage of years, is strategically located and serves as a vantage point from which we could visualize the historic boundary ceding space to one of the newest, most cosmopolitan cities of Latin America.

As we left the historic center of Panama City, we felt a certain nostalgia for the past, its history and its values but we immediately entered into the Causeway, a narrow peninsula of land where we found dozens of restaurants and colorful places of interest, full of modern life and energy. All of this was surrounded by Pacific waters, whose marina was filled with every type of watercraft from the most humble to the most luxurious of modern cruise ships.

After our excursion and a welcome rest in our hotel, we ended our day with an exquisite dinner in one of the beautiful restaurants in Old Panama City, where the past and the contemporary came together once again, satisfying and exceeding our culinary expectations – an unforgettable evening.

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