IMEX America Unique Perspective by Andrew Harvey: Vegas – Win or lose…Gotta love it

Unique Perpective by AndrewI remember when I first went to Vegas, in the late 80s, before the main ‘themed hotels’ had taken a grip on the strip and beyond. It was ‘The Hilton’ and a few others –now all blown away– to be replaced by great big sexy destination resorts. I love it , for 3 or 4 nights , it is like no other. Like NYC, Vegas invokes strong reactions – no middle ground here. The ‘new Vegas’ is glossy but still has a pretty gritty side, never far away.

So off to IMEX America! I went earlier this month to meet with Access, our great West Coast DMC Partner (now in Chicago and South Florida as well!!). It was the first edition of the long running European Show and from what I heard and saw – it was a great success … busy aisles, a lot of clients and a pretty upbeat mood amongst US and International suppliers alike. Check out our list of Uniqueworld DMCs exhibiting at IMEX America!

What recession? Well Vegas’ gaming revenue is down (not a positive sign) but you wouldn’t have known it. By the evening time and the customary round of Supplier events the strip and hotels were heaving …

So where are the highlights…Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas - ExteriorPalazzo/Venetian are grand but the cool, new kid in town has to be The Cosmopolitan. Vegas meets Meatpacking meets Shoreditch (now there is a thought!!). Very contemporary, great space especially the private event space overlooking the strip set amongst some great Clubs and bars it is at the heart of the action. Even the ‘grand old mama‘ has joined in looking down on the rest …The Mandarin Oriental who, along with Four Seasons, looks down on all this ‘Gaming lark’. No tables or slots in those fine establishments!

Maybe like all cool US Cities there is now a NOTS (North on the Strip) and SOTS (South on the Strip) and in the Middle (MOTS)..where to be in Vegas . I LIKE THE MIDDLE …Virgin fly there, so it’s ok in our book and with a great variety of oh so memorable on and off site restaurants- , Activities and day trips – Vegas is a great 4 nighter!

Met an interesting guy was a Scientist , who was at one of the client evenings at the Palazzo Hotel, as the fabulous seafood restaurant Aquanox is a client of his. He and his fellow clever fellows have created the most comprehensive 3rd party seafood safety verification program ever created. He was there to observe…Clients loved it.

Vegas, you manage to reinvent yourself, each time I visit – So you may be a lover of NOTS or SOTS but wherever you are it will always deliver a memorable experience….

I lost by the way…fell asleep at the wheel – The Roulette one that is!!

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