Morocco Proven to be an Exception – words from our Marrekesh DMC

Rita Touzani of Global Event, Morocco DMC comments “In this moment of troubles in the Arab world, it seems that the world is preoccupied by the situation. Indeed from Tunisia to Yemen, some protests from the young generation are going on, some will call it revolution, some will call it protest, some will call it a domino effect. However, I am sure that you are fully aware that Morocco has been and still is an exception, and has not been touched by the winds and current.

In a few words, Morocco has started its silent revolution 11 years ago, when our King Mohamed VI acceded to his function, in 1999. Our Monarchy being the second oldest Monarchy in the world (1200 years) has proved all legitimacy and above all, as been constantly improving with the modernity of the times.

No system is perfect, but still Morocco has been opening up every year, matching up with the technologies, and a significantly improving during the last decade in terms of individual freedom and prosperity, providing future and careers in IT, Off-shoring, engineering and tourism and leisure. Conscious of having no oil and no gas richness, Moroccan people can only count on their labour forces, and capacities to bring up the country to its best possibilities. Ambitious projects started in the early 2000 such as the completion of modern highway roads to connect all the regions of the country international norms and facilities. In 2004, the biggest industrial port project in Africa started “Tangier TANGER MED” and has been officially inaugurated in 2007; it is today the biggest holder in the Mediterranean zone with a capacity of 1.6 Million containers to reach 3.5 Million in 2013 upon the international observatories. In 2013 Morocco will be the first African country to operate TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse) from Tangier to Agadir with a forecast of 120 Million yearly users. In the summer 2011, Casablanca will host the 20th biggest international mall.

Morocco will not stop its challenging evolution to prosperity. Our evolution started long time ago, that is what explains why revolution has no way to trouble us. Morocco has been always considered as the “African Paradise”, and we will still be by supporting our tourism industry to its best, bringing 30% of the Moroccan economy and prosperity. The Moroccan population being very aware of this fact is contributing to the safety inside the borders. Proof has been given to you during the whole last year’s cooperation, where you could enjoy great programs and experiences in Morocco, feeling almost at home. Today Morocco is still offering the same stable and secure guarantees to first its own people, and second and above all to its visitors and tourists.

One of our actions to support the Moroccan Tourism Industry is to join venture with one of the most renowned hospitality unit in the country La Mamounia, and to incentive you with style to an extraordinary experience. We sincerely hope that we will celebrate Marrakech all together, and that your contribution and faithfulness to our destination will be proved by your trust in our values, performances and skills. We are eagerly waiting for your feedback, and we proudly state again Morocco is an Exception, please join us and be part of us to confirm it!

“Let us celebrate Morocco with style!”

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