Incentive Group Travel for Event Planners Worldwide

Uniqueworld Global Destinations is a leading destination management company (DMC) network that provides group travel (destination management customised proposals), for an incentive travel company and multiple event management companies. Our global network contact base is well trusted and offers great travel resources.

Incentive Agency Meaning - How We Can Help

An incentive agency offers incentive travel to corporate travel planners, event management companies, and more. One incentive travel example could be an all-expense-paid trip with our Paris DMC destination office for a food tasting walking tour, exclusive bookings of venues, restaurants and 5* accomodation with luxury transfers. 

If you are looking for a Global DMC Network Supplier in London, the UK, USA, or anywhere in the world, we are a top destination management supplier for incentive travel and event planning companies. Our Global DMC Supplier Network is able to put you directly in touch with a local destination management office. 

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Why Employee Incentive Group Travel is Essential to Corporate Companies

Many business owners, managers, and supervisors are unaware of the benefits incentive group travel can provide their company and often look to have an incentive travel company handle this. And it doesn't have to be an all-out expenditure. There are a variety of affordable plans to choose from.

With the support of our Global DMC Supplier Network located within multiple luxurious incentive destinations, incentive agencies UK and internationally provide group travel options that can be a unique experience offering authentic, luxury travel destinations tailored to suit your business's needs and your budget. This employee incentive can be considered a business investment with a considerably high ROI.

What Makes Incentive Travel Better Than Cash Rewards?

There are several good reasons for rewarding employees with an all-expense paid motivation trip, rather than giving them a cash reward. First, you must remember that the workforce comprises of many millennials who use their pay mostly to travel.

Therefore, they would really appreciate skipping making travel arrangements for a travel plan already set up. Besides, when you give an employee cash, they probably won’t spend it on a much-needed holiday, rather they may pay bills.

Most Employees Would Rather Have Non-Cash Incentives

It was always a tradition for employers to give cash to their employees as incentives. However, these trends are transforming.

In fact, a recent study found that 65% of employees surveyed, claimed they would prefer a non-cash incentive over cash.

Teamwork: When Employees Become Friends Outside the Office, They Will Interact Better at Work

The memories alone of going on a fun trip are priceless, especially if you get a group travel plan with a good DMC supplier, so employees can group travel together safely and with creativity. This would allow staff to get to know each other better outside of the office, which would make for great teamwork. When staff members work together as a team, they will get a lot more done.

Group travel invokes great teamwork. Incentive travel brings employees together with an all-expense-paid trips. They will leave punching and kicking and come back holding hands.

Holidays Help Reduce Employee Absenteeism's

When an employee doesn't show up for work, the whole system can become disrupted, which can take days or even weeks to get back on track. This is because other employees deprive their daily duties to fulfill the missing employees' responsibilities. When an employee is engaged, they will come to work every day with passion, energy, and purpose. A recent study found that incentive programs boost performance by 25% to 44%.

It's a known fact that keeping employees happy makes them more productive and what can make your staff more elate than getting out of the office for a grand adventure. Nothing says "I appreciate you" more than incentive travel. It is the ultimate reward, and your group will be ecstatic.

Employees Get Burned Out on the Job

When an employee is unengaged, it shows in their lack of productivity, creativity, and innovation. Disengaged employees can cost businesses billions each year. However, taking some time away from the office may be all it takes to get staff back in the right mindset to perform better at work, even if it means taking business incentive trips.

Enhance their time off with a great holiday incentive, and you can add loyalty and trust to the many benefits of a rewarding group trip.

Recognise and Reward Employee Performance

There are many reasons people hate their jobs; lack of training, lack of tools, rude associates or supervisors, not enough pay, no appreciation, no time off, etc. It all boils down to the job, not being a rewarding career. As a business owner, the number one priority should be to invest in employees. Remember that they are the ones who run the business, and if they are not happy, they will run it into the ground.

That's why it is important to show you appreciate their work by rewarding them. Giving employees a cash incentive will not help the situation, since they probably won't spend it on a much-needed holiday. But rewarding them with time away from home and work ensures they will relax and enjoy themselves so they could come back refreshed and ready to rock-and-roll. Event Planners rely on supplier like our Global DMC Network to deliver excellence in service standards. We're proud to be delivery results for more than 15 years,

Why Choose Us for Your Global Travel Ventures?

Unlike other incentive travel companies, Uniqueworld Global Destinations, partners with DMC experts in designing ground services and tours for the travel trade. We are fully licensed, insured, and accredited award-winning DMCs that can help save you time and money on experiential and memorable experiences. Globally renowned as a top DMC event consultancy for incentive travel and meetings, our team is highly experienced, fully transparent, extremely flexible, and committed to providing our clients with unmatched customer service. Our destination management companies know what incentive travel experiences you need and how to make it happen!

How It Works

  • Start by clicking "Find a DMC" at the top of the home page.
  • Choose a destination by checking the box next to your selection.
  • Multiple results will appear on the right side of the screen.
  • Add those you are interested in to your shortlist.
  • Once done, navigate to your shortlist and click "Request for Proposal."

A page will display giving you the option to select destinations to request a proposal for from your shortlist.

After making your selections choose whether you know the exact dates of your event.

Select event duration from the drop-down menu below and complete any other information you would like to submit.

When done, click "Submit Proposal", found near the bottom of the page.

Start checking your message inbox for replies. Be sure and collect your organisation's unique rewards by clicking on "Exchange Now" Under Exchange UniqueREWARDS, then clicking on "Exchange."

Take Control of Your Own Destination

Plan your rewarding, adventurous experience today, and let our group travel company help create your incentive trip that will inspire, reward, and motivate.

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