Kyoto is a city in Japan, which was once its capital. It is said to be Japan’s most beautiful city. Kyoto is well known for its Buddhist temples, its gardens, its imperial palaces, its Shinto shrines, and its traditional wooden houses. It has 17 Unesco World Heritage Sites.

Worth a visit are the Kiyomizu-dera temple, the Kinkaku-ji Temple, the Ginkaku-ji Temple, the Ryōan-ji temple, the Heian Jingū Shinto shrine, the Kyoto Imperial Palace, the Sentō Imperial Palace, the Katsura Imperial Villa, the Shugaku-in Imperial Villa, the temple of Sennyu-ji, Arashiyama, the Gion and Pontochō geisha quarters, the Philosopher's Walk, the Kamo Shrines (Kami and Shimo), Kyō-ō-Gokokuji (Tō-ji), Kiyomizu-dera, Daigo-ji, Ninna-ji, Saihō-ji (Kokedera), Tenryū-ji, Rokuon-ji (Kinkaku-ji), Jishō-ji (Ginkaku-ji), Ryōan-ji, Hongan-ji, Kōzan-ji, and the Nijō Castle.

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