Hangzhou is the capital and most populous city of the Zhejiang province in eastern China. it is the province’s political, economic and cultural centre.

It is famous for its natural beauty, its historical and cultural heritage, and its West Lake Unesco World Heritage Site. Hangzhou is one of China’s most popular tourist destinations.

Visit the Broken Bridge, the Lesser Yingzhou Isle, the Mid-Lake Pavilion, the Lord Ruan’s Mound, the Hubin Parks, the Su and Bai Causeways, the Solidary Hill, the Zhongshan Park, King Qian’s Memorial, the Zhejiang Museum, the Zhejiang West Lake Gallery, Wushan Square, the Huqingyutang Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum, its many temples, pagodas and churches, the Longjing Tea Fields, Guo’s Villa, the Huangzhou Botanical Gardens, Xixi National Wetlands Park, the Dreaming of the Tiger Spring, and Zhongshan Park.

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