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Uniqueworld’s strategy offers a project & consulting services to hotels, dmcs, tourism baords, stadiums, convention bureaus helping our clients to consistently out perform competitors. Uniqueworld can provide a total service (sales & marketing) from collaborative strategy creation to working with the client to implement a framework - short or long term. If the project warrants more specialised expertise, we can call upon an equally experienced team of outsourced sales people.

Project Management

A sound project strategy is the cornerstone of success and a prerequisite for project management and high business performance. “Our service is focused on the product provided, it is essential to create a project which is, to some extent, different from any other organisation, not completely unique, but unique enough to require a planning process to organise, as planning leads to sales!” A successful strategy requires assessing the market accurately, then deciding what action must be taken to achieve its goals. To then be carried thoroughly to ensure the strategy achieves the desired results.

PR & Promotions

We take your business right to the top of the news agenda. … become top of the news agenda: 24 hours a day, we develop communications that helps make brands for desirable. Fundamental we believe to achieve this you need to understand consumer preference. We believe that a multi-disciplinary approach to communications is critical to success. Whilst the media has traditionally been regarded as the main target for PR programmes, Uniqueworld believes there are many vital channels of influence. Industry associations, employees, shareholders, business analysts and local/national government all play a vital role in delivering the message.

Our approach is wide ranging, advising on all aspects of the PR strategy, with one key contact managing each project. We believe we provide an innovative and quite distinct service that ultimately delivers success for our members.

New Media & Design

As a team of creative, inspirational, original thinking people who daily demonstrate our values of collaboration, challenge, realism, drive and spirit there are many areas Uniqueworld can offer support. Proud of our service and design practice, we are willing to offer you any design concepts before you make the decision of investing in real creativity. Delivering to your milestones, our client’s continued happiness does not only lie with creativity, but with professional proof reading, where some companies really just don’t care … we do, with care and passion. ‘The New Media Concept’ - websites are not just designed to be read, they get played with, chatted on, copied from, bought on and the list becomes endless … we use our designed model to consider the imaginative possibilities. Design services including:

  • Design & Print of all collateral including: brochures, stationery, menus and exhibtion displays.
  • Direct mail, list selection & management of database/market research.
  • E-Commerce, newsletters adverts & promotions.
  • Stand design and production.
  • Marketing.
  • PowerPoint presentations & Web design.


The use of specific newsletter emailing software, personally tailored to customer's needs, is an efficient tool. It will boost business and can be used in marketing campaigns to maximise your brand awareness. There are other brands available, but ours gives you the power to create amazing looking brochures, multiple formats: Flash, PDF for print and email, brochure for PC and Flipbook.

Speak to us and you'll see how it's done properly.


We help your company build relationships with current and potential customers; our programme provides many different opportunities for sponsorship participations. Sponsorship can also be tailored to suit your budget and your marketing objectives.

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