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Iceland is a marvellous country in the North Atlantic ocean, located between Europe and North-America. The country is world famous for its glaciers, hot springs, waterfalls and active volcanoes. It offers Europe’s most powerful waterfall Dettifoss, Europe’s biggest bird cliff Látrabjarg, Europe’s second largest glacier Vatnajökull, and some of the world’s most active volcanoes. Being in the Arctic Circle, it has long summer days with almost 24 hours of sunshine and short winter days with nearly 20 hours of darkness.


Reykjavík: The world’s most northerly capital. Being the largest city of the island, it includes most of the islands inhabitants. It is the first non-native English speaking city that’s been entitled Unesco City of Literature. The Icelandic Sagas tell you very much about the Viking history from Iceland, but it is way better if you can actually see it. You can visit the Settlement Exhibition, built around the Viking Longhouse, the National Museum, or the Old Harbour, where you will find the Saga Museum. Reykjavik has its own International Film Festival, which lasts several days during the end of September.

Kópavogur: This is the place to be if you want to get away from Iceland’s history and want to visit the more modern part of the island. Here you will find large shopping centres and many offices and commercial buildings, one of which is the largest building of Iceland. Kópavogur is also the place where you can see lots of seals, since the name literally translates to Seal Pup Bay. Worth a stop is the Kopavogur Church, which has a very unique architecture.

Hafnarfjörður: Here you will find some of the most important industrial areas around the capital. The name Hafnarfjörður literally means harbour-fjord, and its large harbour is mostly used for imports and exports and fishing. The town is located in the middle of a lava field, which also gives it its nickname: The town in the lava, and which is the reason why this town is often associated with legends of the Icelandic elves. In the old part of Hafnarfjörður, you will find the island’s only collection of Japanese bonsai trees. A little further, you can walk up the cliff and have a magnificent view over the town. If you want to learn more about the town’s history, you should visit the Hafnarfjörður Museum, which will take you on a tour around the town’s lovely heritage.

Reykjanesbær: The two most well-known cities in this municipality are Keflavík and Njarðvík. Originally a fish town, the U.S. Army placed a naval base in Keflavik during the WWII. Consequently, the U.S. Army became the biggest employer of the municipality until it closed in 2006. The U.S. Airfield then became Keflavik International Airport. In Njarðvík you can find the Viking World Museum, where you will learn more about the Vikings’ explorations around the world and their discovery of North America.

Garðabær: This is the place to be to find more of Iceland’s nature. At Hofsstaðir Archaeological Park, you will find the remains of the second largest farm from the age of settlement. At the Álftanes peninsula, you can enjoy the marvellous views by the sea, the seemingly endless hiking trails around the shoreline and the many varieties of birds. Here you will also find the official residence of the president of Iceland. In Garðabær, there are two of the best golf courses of Iceland, Urriðavöllur and Vífilsstaðir. From here, you can enjoy various views and sceneries: to the north-west, you can see the Snæfellsjökull glacier volcano and the cities of Reykjavik and Kopavogur. To the south, you have a marvellous view of the mountains of the Reykjanes Peninsula.

Mosfellsbær: Only 15 minutes away from Reykjavik, you can find Mosfellsbær. Also called ‘the green town’, this city has lots of thermal activity and greenhouses, and is surrounded by grassy hills and two valleys. Because of all this green, this is the perfect place for sports activities: there is a sports complex at Varmá with one of the best outdoor playing fields of Iceland, and there are numerous walking trails with lots of information about the surroundings. Mosfellsbær was once the home of Halldór Laxness, Iceland’s only winner of the Nobel Prize for literature in 1955. His house is now a museum, where you can get to know his life and works. At Varmá, a farmer founded in 1896 a wool factory, which later became a wool and clothing manufacturer selling in local and foreign markets. Today, the wool factory only operates on a smaller scale, but the buildings around the old factory are being used for commercial shops, workshops and galleries.


There are only 2 international airports in Iceland, Reykjavik and Keflavik, but most international flights will depart/arrive in Reykjavik. From London it takes about 3 hours to Reykjavik.

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