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DMC CHINA is a full-service destination management company in China offering tailor-made travel programs. Our operations could take care of you at every corner of China, Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Hong Kong... Ninety percent of our business is devoted to managing and delivering corporate meetings, conferences and incentives. We are also doing sports events and special interest tours for individuals, small groups and large groups.
A destination management and events company with a difference, launched in 2015, Faces of Asia offers a fresh new brand and approach, delivered by some of the most established Faces of Asia’s MICE industry. Whilst our company is new, our Faces are sure to be familiar. Our teams in China, Hong Kong and Thailand are made up of renowned former business leaders of Asia’s top DMCs who share over 200 years of events experience in Asia between them.


China DMC team is led by industry professionals. Our staffs are experienced in designing and running corporate meetings, conferences and incentives, serving clients from all over the world. We are passionate about what we do, we put our passions in designing your programme with creativity, care and patience, running your program with great attention to every single detail and flexibility to changes.
Client’s satisfaction is our biggest priority, our efficiency and knowledge to our destinations allow us to achieve desirable results, fulfil and exceed expectations of our clients.


  • Registration
  • Air ticket booking
  • Hotel sourcing
  • Venue sourcing
  • Airport arrival & departure transportation
  • Sightseeing tours
  • Team building
  • Special interest activities
  • Daily activity transportation
  • Meeting & Event Management
  • On-site staffing
  • Stage design and set up
  • AV production
  • Event decoration
  • Entertainment


Beijing, the capital of China, is a city where the ancient culture and the modern civilisation are well integrated. It attracts tens of millions of visitors and tourists both at home and abroad each year to enjoy its rich culture and wonderful scenery.
Beijing is endowed with rare cultural heritage by its long history. The Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven have all been listed in the World Cultural Heritage by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
Changes have been taking place day by day in Beijing as China's deepening reform and opening-up. As a popular saying going around here, Beijing is growing taller with more massive buildings springing up, greener with trees and grass covered all over the city and younger with people leading a richer and more colourful life in Beijing. It has full confidence to advance at a greater pace in the 21st century. This is Beijing, old as well as young, full of charm. It is our sincere hope that you will make best use of your time here to see around. We believe that you will harvest a lot.
The charm of Shanghai lies in the seamless mix of modern and traditional, east and west. Its architecture, amusements, cuisine, and culture are very distinctive when compared with other cities around the world. It is known for its gardens, museums, temples, and the Bund commonly referred to as a “museum of architecture”.
This amazing metropolis is a historically and culturally rich city with plenty of tourism resources and no visitor to Shanghai has ever been disappointed. With connections to airports from around the globe and connections to all of the major cities in China, Shanghai is the perfect location to begin a tour of the amazing country that is China.
Xi'an has a rich and culturally significant history. The Lantian Man was discovered in 1963 in Lantian County, 50 km south-east of Xi'an, and dates back at least 500,000 years before present. A 6,500-year-old Banpo Neolithic village in was discovered in 1954 on the outskirts of the city proper. Xi'an became a cultural and political centre of China in the 11th century BCE with the founding of the Zhou Dynasty. The capital of Zhou was established in the twin settlements of Fengjing and Haojing, together known as Fenghao, located south-west of contemporary Xi'an. Following the Warring States Period, China was unified under the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BCE) for the first time, with the capital located at Xianyang, just north-west of modern Xi'an. The first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang ordered the construction of the Terracotta Army and his mausoleum just to the east of Xi'an almost immediately after his ascension to the throne.
Tibet is such a place. The open country without any worldly noise, the clear and high sky like having been washed, the yonder snow-covered mountains and peaks lofty and awesome, mirrored still like lowered humble heads in the boundless and unfathomable lake at their feet... as you are and let yourself deserted in all these, you definitely feel a sublimed mind. Tibet couldn't be a more ideal a place to self.
Tibet is a land as abstruse as that millions of pilgrims all embrace it as the world center of holiness. But it's natural enough for Tibet, for that the Himalayas has been the venue of rich legends and myths since a time, for that the river Brahmaputra is running the same way as it surged before mankind, and Ngari, the region known as the Roof of the World, that strikes associations with the heaven.
Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan Province, which is known as the "Heavenly State" (Tian Fu Zhi Guo). Being the natural habitat of cute giant pandas, Chengdu is located in the west of Sichuan Basin and in the center of Chengdu Plain. It covers a total area of 12.3 thousand square kilometres (4,749 square miles) with a population of over 11 million.
Chengdu was the place where the bronze culture, an indispensable part of ancient Chinese culture, originated, the place where the Southern Silk Road started, and the place where the earliest paper currency, was first printed. It is listed among the first 24 state-approved historical and cultural cities and owns 23 state and provincial cultural relic units.
Sampling the famous Sichuan cuisine is a must on a trip to Chengdu. Enjoying the food as well as the culture, shopping and having tea at a teahouse afford a deeper understanding of Chengdu.
Yunnan - Lijiang
Yunnan, which refers to 'the place south of the colourful clouds', or 'the place south of Yunling (cloudy ridge) Mountain', is the most south-west province of China. Externally, it borders Vietnam, Laos and Burma; internally, it is a neighbor to Guizhou, Guangxi, Chongqing, Sichuan and Tibet. It is a land of various ethnic groups, landscapes, natural scenery, creatures, etc where one could taste the most aspects of our planet.
Hainan - Sanya
Hainan Island is China's most southerly province and the second largest island after Taiwan, the largest ocean island and the smallest land province in China, located in the South China Except the capital city Haikou, Sanya is the second largest city on Hainan Island, where is the key attraction of the Island, most tourists congregate and there are the most beaches and famous tourism attractions.
Sanya’s climate is the tropical monsoon climate and the tropical oceanic climate. It's always high temperature and wet, dry and rainy seasons are distinct. There are more tropical storms and typhoon in summer. The average temperature very year is 22-26 degrees, in January-February average temperature is 16-24 degrees and in July-August, the average temperature is 25-29 degrees. It's like spring all the year round.


International flights link China with 113 countries in the world through 76 international airline companies.


From an incentive program client:
I would like to express my deepest gratefulness by the level of trip by the China DMC office!
Thanks a lot for GREAT commitment and passion, which you performed every day, every hour and every minute, which You spent for the arrangement of this trip.
This trip was very important to us- we provided recognition to best Sales people, and all was to run according to best standards.
Thank You for every spoon of sugar, which we asked for the Green tea, for coffee, for salt and even Chinese vodka to try :)
Thank You for the special arrangement of Great wall reconstruction in VERY EXCLUSIVE place - I know that we appeared there only because of You.
Thank you for sleepless nights and always a positive mood, thank You for help in flight arrangements and great thank You for assistance in difficult situations.
I travelled a lot and I know the level of welcome from suppliers. I really admire that You always behaved yourself not like a supplier but like a PARTNER, and I highly appreciate that You were always ready to" walk an extra mile."

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